We love our clients. We love our guests. We love working. We love innovation. We love tradition. We love style. We love proficiency. We love challenges. We love quality. We love appreciation. We love that we love our work.


Few people think, but trust is the most important element in the catering industry. The agency has to act with full responsibility an event for catering as well; it has to represent the catering company in front of important partners. This requires deep trust that has to be earned. We aim to satisfy all needs of our clients, and do so to strengthen that TRUST.


It is said that one can be known by knowing what they like. People at Albatros Party Service are the kinds who devote their lives to serve guests at the highest professional level. That is why we continuously train ourselves and work with our colleagues every day. We take challenges as opportunities to show what we can do. Nearly 600 successful events each year prove that our innovative philosophy, our high quality service and our invested work make our clients satisfied.



Overall concept and attention to all details are the basics of all our events; let it be a small, or even an occasion with several thousand guests.


• Catering corporate events
Wedding catering, wedding catering on the Danube
• Catering operation at venue restaurants (Hungexpo, Hungaroring)
Mobil Möbel: rental for design furniture
We would like to present a colorful palette of venues, so besides the classic, elegant places we would like to offer unique and exciting locations so our clients could find the best that suits their event.


We work regularly at the following locations: 

• Museum of Fine Arts (our company is a classified, optional catering partner)

• Advance Kantin (our company is the exclusive catering partner)

• Hungexpo (our company is a classified, the exclusive partner of the expo city)

• Hungaroring (our company is the exclusive catering partner)

• Rókusfalvy Winery (our company is a classified, optional catering partner)

• Ybl Palace (our company is the exclusive catering partner)

• Dürer Event Center (our company is a classified, optional catering partner)

• Podmaniczky Event Mansion (our company is a classified, optional catering partner)

• Millenáris Park (our company is a classified, optional partner)

• National Gallery / Nemzeti Galéria

• National Museum / Nemzeti Múzeum

• Museum of Applied Arts / Iparművészeti Múzeum

• Hungarian Technical and Transportation Museum / Közlekedési Múzeum

• Thalia Theater / Thália Színház

• Mozaik7

• Kiscelli Museum / Kiscelli Múzeum

• Budavár Palace / Budavári Palota (inner halls, terraces and gardens)


Over the years we successfully conducted thousands of events to our clients’ greatest satisfaction. With our showcase we would like to present our team’s broad professional and skilled experience: 


 • AUDI Magyarország • Club Aliga • DTM • Event & More • Extreme Rendezvényügynökség • FIFA • Forma 1 • HD Event • HPS Experience • Hungaroring Zrt. • Hungexpo Zrt. • IRONMAN Budapest • JAM Btl. • LG • Multeam – Bo Event • NNG • Ostermann Kft. • Porsche Hungaria • Provision  • Red Bull Air Race • Roxer Event & More • RTL KLUB • Special Event • Szerencsejáték Zrt • TELENOR • Volkswagen • We Love Rendezvényügynökség • Wow Factor Event • WS by Renault • WTCC